Event for a cause

Aside from being the fashion event of the year on the East Coast, Zero Nine Exhibition plays a vital role in supporting and drawing attention to charity causes in the region. The revenues earned from the exhibition all go towards supporting a different charity every year. Fujairah Welfare Society was the first entity to benefit from Zero Nine. The revenues were directed towards helping productive families with low-income start their businesses. Second year revenues were presented to the Fujairah Rehabilitation Centre for the Disabled and has funded the purchase of equipment for the students’ chocolate factory. This year, Zero Nine will fund the establishment of the Diabetic Patient Friends Group in Fujairah. The society will undertake awareness campaigns for the cities, towns and villages of Fujairah and will run tests, conduct studies and have several activities aimed at preventing the spread of Diabetes in the society.

Women Empowerment

The main aim of Zero Nine is to help Emirati and resident businesswomen in Fujairah and the UAE launch their businesses in a friendly and productive environment that encourages the exchange of experience between participants. The exhibition is a great opportunity for women to showcase their products and to know the market needs through directly dealing with the consumers.

Inspirational Talks

Inspirational talks by pioneer businesswomen held on the sidelines of the exhibition encourage new businesswomen to continue their journey with more determination and understanding of what it takes to be successful. Zero Nine is a celebration and recognition of the true strength within women. It is a reflection of what women can achieve once they are given the chance to spread their wings.

The Area

Fujairah has become a very popular destination for people trying to escape the stresses of life and looking to enjoy the beauty of nature and having a comfortable, relaxing and exciting break. With countless activities, from water sports to flying lessons and spas, and with business, tourism and infrastructure developments steaming ahead, Fujairah is becoming a young, dynamic and booming city. Total area of Fujairah is 1,488 sq.km. Summer extends from May to September during which the weather is hot and sometimes humid. Winter begins in October and April during which the weather is very pleasant.